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23rd 2008f April, 2008

Tightest Black Snatch on Record – Ariel

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Another ghetto legal age teenager came into the studio for a major pimpin. Ariel was in her trashy outfit, with a bandana on her head and baggy clothes that made me want to squirm. I had to inspect the goods before going any further with this make over. I pulled up her top and I saw a pair of giant black pantoons and when she turned around her ass was just so overwhelming, which inspired me to give her an instant makeover. I dumped her baggy lingerie down the garbage shoot and replaced them with a revealing bikini. Even I was surprised with the outcome and my cock was about to rip my jeans after I saw her tight black vagina and charming big breasts. Ariel drank my monster black meat as she bobbed her head up and down like a valuable little black doxy. I began squeezing my way inside her small black vagina in missionary while Ariel was moaning with enjoyment and pain. She turned around for a slow doggy sticking before she rode my monster black rod. I suddenly felt the urge to unload my creamy thick load. Ariel have to her knees and my cock shot out in insanely thick load over her glamorous teen face. This black legal age teenager got the tightest pussy I’ve ever drilled!

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11th 2008f April, 2008

Janetta Earns More Than a Free Weave

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Janetta came rolling into the discount store parking lot blasting some ghettotastic rap crap in her sleek black car. This black legal age teenager sure loves attention. Once she got out of her kewl ride the ghetto bitch was in busted up rags. Janetta was in need for a pimpin makeover. I pulled my caddie up next to her to offer the deal of a lifetime. Free lingerie, new weave plus a thousand dollars to fuck me on film. What what!! Janetta closed the deal by flashing her love milk sacks. My kind ofblack legal age teenager. I got her back to my place. Sent her in back with the makeup artist to fix up her busted grill. She emerged a pretty black teen goddess. My dick was itching to fly out from my jeans right after she showed me her glamorous firm ass and soaked black pussy. Janetta grabbed my monster black cock right away and sucked it while she was tapping her vagina. I stretched her butthole missionary style and kept on thrusting my dong in and out of her juicy slit in other positions before I popped my entire thick load all over her vagina. I love pimping and fucking hot black teens!

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1st 2008f April, 2008

Broken Down Weave No More – Chayne Jacobs

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Chayne Jacobs’ car broke down. My buddy and I saw her sitting on the curb waiting for a tow in a sweatpants, oversized sweater and a busted up weave. It was the perfect time to offer up our make over services in exchange for sexual favors. Chanye Jacobs accepted as most black teens ho’s do. We drove back to my place to give her a muchneeded make over….um I mean deep dicking! My buddy took off Chayne’s lingerie to reveal a worthwhile pair of black teen mounds, phat ass and a super delicate black vagina. She quickly went down on her knees and started to suck my buddy’s cock. They couldn’t wait any longer so they started banging each other. My buddy was pumped as this guy drilled Chanye Jacobs in different positions until he couldn’t hold it anymore. My buddy pulled out his penis from Chayne’s delicate slit and shot his thick pimp juice on her bumpers to seal the deal. Ghettos teens are alright with me!

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25th 2008f March, 2008

Juwana Gets Her Butt Pimped

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Juwana was about to come in the grocery store when my buddy and I spotted her sweet butt. She has a great sexy body but her style needed an upgrade. My buddy and I decided that we needed to pimp up the style of this hawt black teen. We quickly made our way to Juwana and had a little chat with her. We told her we can pimp her if this hottie agreesto do us some favors. She was shy at first, but eventually agreed. We got Juwana to change to sexier lingerie that highlights her hot bod. She loved the pimping and as a return favor, Juwana got down on her knees and gave me a sexy blowjob. Of cuz I didn’t stop there. After the blowjob, I took off her new fancy clothes, spread her twat wide open and banged her gorgeous hard. I pounded her tight black twat in different positions before showering her with my sticky semen. Who doesn’t love a makeover?

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18th 2006f April, 2006

Videos of a horny black teen getting pounded

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This is Reneeka, a former hoodrat that has turned into a complete sex craving slut at Pimp My Black Teen…. Check out these hot hardcore videos of this black teen getting fucked.

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